MFA / UX Design /  Motion Graphics / Type Design & Design Education

Jim Parrillo
Work Experience:

User Experience Specialist, REDCOM Laboratories, Inc.

The User Experience Specialist is primarily responsible for researching user needs, designing and managing Product UI, and performing user testing for REDCOM products. This responsibility comprehends every aspect of how users interact with REDCOM products - from the look and feel of the design, to compliance with corporate branding standards, to the words used to describe functionality, to how tasks are structured within applications.

Specific duties include:

Working with Software Engineering and Customer Service teams to develop and refine product workflows for various web apps for the REDCOM Sigma, REDCOM Secure Conferencing, and REDCOM Secure Clients for Windows, Android and iOS.

Design of product interfaces from hand sketch to wireframes and prototype using Balsamiq, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Axure, Sketch, Framer & Principle.

Design, develop and communicate coordinated user interface standards across the REDCOM ecosystem of products. This includes development of specific Style Guidelines to assist development teams in using consistent design patterns and workflow strategies across various web applications and platforms.

Work with Engineering, Sales, and Customer support teams to review user feedback in order to design new workflows for existing REDCOM product offerings.

Conduct user research and user testing of new products, and interface improvements.

Coordinate the needs of Engineering, Sales, Customer Support and Marketing teams in the development of standards for REDCOM User Experience.

Work with Engineering, Customer Service, Technical Writing, and Government Compliance teams to ensure Section 508 Accessibility standards are in compliance with the American with Disabilities act (ADA)

Assist Product Managers in the development of project design scopes that meet with requested features and functionalities.

Work with various REDCOM groups to both broaden their understanding of our users and acquire knowledge of our customers to be applied to relevant UX decision making.

Research and stay current with UI trends and technological developments that can affect product design such as advancements in Blockchain, Cryptography, IoT (Internet of Things) and Unified Communications (UC) trends as well as other products in the market.

Adjunct Faculty, College of Art & Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

Adjunct instructor of User Experience, User Interface, Interaction Design and Motion Graphics in the College of Art and Design at RIT.

Freelance Graphic & Webdesigner

Freelance graphic design services specializing in branding & strategy , type design and motiongraphics.

UI & UX Design Intern, Frontier Communications

Design, manage and develop organizational sites for the corporate-wide SharePoint intranetsystem including mobile first Bootstrap based master pages and design templates in HTML and CSS.


Master of Fine Arts (MFA) — Visual Communication Design, Interaction Design Specialty

College of Art & Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

Interaction Design blends interdisciplinary components, including graphic design, human-computer interaction, and information architecture, with technology to deliver a range of professional and experimental user experiences to the screen. Discover how interactivity and animation can help bring online applications to life. This concentration exposes students to interaction design, UI and UX design, and development techniques to create dynamic content.

Bachelor of Arts — Urban & Regional Planning

College of Fine & Applied Arts, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Undergraduate and Graduate level course work in community development, equity planning, public policy, environmental planning, historic preservation, land use, site design, transportation planning, and land use law. Coursework emphasized critical thinking and writing skills as well as graphic communication and presentation skills.